November 18, 2019

Berke Miller Law Group, LLP

Emerging Areas of Law

While our primary areas of practice are below, we represent our clients in many different areas of business and the law.  If your particular area of interest is not listed, please call us to discuss your individual needs:

UAV’s & Drones

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (commonly referred to as “Drones”) are very soon to be a part of our everyday lives. The use of drones is limitless and if its use can be imagined, it can be done. But, navigating through this emerging area of the law can be very complex and confusing given the recently-issued FAA guidelines. With many companies getting into these most prominent aspects of drone legislation and other tangential issues relating to drones, having the right guidance is critical. This is not only true for commercial drone operations for aerial photographers, but for realtors, surveyors, and those in the agriculture/farming business to name a few. And, on the other side there are public safety, security and potential invasion of privacy issues. Regardless, like the internet and social media were a decade or so ago, Drones are here to stay and BMLG can assist in the navigation of these critical and every changing issues in this growing field of Drone law.

Marijuana Compliance

BMLG’S Marijuana Practice Group is staffed by attorneys who have worked in the marijuana industry and know how to counsel their clients in business and real estate matters.  So, they know first-hand the challenges and frustrations faced by both marijuana businesses and the ancillary businesses that serve them. BMLG’s clients benefit from this unique perspective.   BMLG’s attorneys have established trusting, professional relationships with leaders and policy makers in the marijuana industry. Leveraging these relationships can mean the difference between success and failure for your marijuana business.   Finally, BMLG’s clients are afforded “warm” introductions to strategic partners that will accelerate the growth of your marijuana businesses.  Whether you need corporate/LLC formation advice, assistance with licensing and other state law compliance, lease preparation/negotiation, asset protection, or introductions to other marijuana businesses, BMLG’s Marijuana Practice Group is here to satisfy your needs.